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Happy Customers Using Customer Experience Platform

Comprehensive Customer Insights: Surveys, Discussions, and Reporting Solutions for Enhanced Experiences

What is a Customer Experience Platform?

CX is more than a buzzword. 

A Customer Experience Platform is a comprehensive market research software solution that empowers companies to build and maintain customer communities, facilitating targeted communication and personalized engagement. 

With IC, you can effortlessly segment customers, and send out emails or texts to specific target groups, ensuring your messages resonate with the right audience. Our platform also allows you to distribute surveys, initiate discussions, and organize live focus groups via email and text, making participation seamless for your customers. By simplifying the feedback process, IC enhances customer engagement and provides valuable insights to help you better understand and serve your customers.

Website Experience Management

We help understand the "Why" behind your website data. Website intercept surveys help you understand why people left your site. 

An image of the website feedback survey option for desktop and mobile
customer-data-security-customer-experience-platform .jpg

Customer Data

Customer Data is crucial for innovation and growth. Security of your customers data has never been more important. Safe, secure and encrypted. 

Connect and Engage

Create a direct line with your customers. Invite your customers into a branded community where they can share their feedback. 


Comprehensive Quantitative and Qualitative Research Tools

Leverage the power of AI in our platform. Conduct in-depth surveys with the most advanced tools and online focus groups and discussions. Gather detailed insights and drive meaningful actions.

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