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49 Uplifting Leadership Quotes To Engage and Empower Your Employees

The great thing about our company is we believe in our Employee Engagement software because we use it on a regular basis with both our staff and our customers. In a recent Employee Engagement exercise through our qualitative discussion board we asked our employees to share their most motivating quotes on 5 different topics. We thought these are too good to keep to ourselves so below are our employees thoughts.

When we asked our employees what are their favorite quotes in regards to being independent and blazing their own path!

  1. "Anticipating the future's course is best achieved by shaping it." - Peter Drucker

  2. "Leadership transcends authority; it is about nurturing those under your care." - Simon Sinek

  3. "A leader charts the way, follows the path, and guides the journey." - John C. Maxwell

  4. "Leadership's essence lies in cultivating more leaders, not mere followers." - Ralph Nader

  5. "Leadership doesn't hinge on titles or charts; it's about impacting lives." - John C. Maxwell

  6. "The finest leader isn't the one who accomplishes the most; it's the one who inspires the greatest achievements in others." - Ronald Reagan

  7. "Leadership isn't about control; it's about establishing an environment for others to thrive." - Greg Graffin

  8. "True leadership isn't about personal excellence, but about elevating everyone around you." - Kerry Spackman

  9. "The mastery of leadership lies in discerning when to say no, rather than yes. Yes is easy." - Tony Blair

  10. "Leadership is the ability to transform vision into reality." - Warren Bennis

We believe that the best employees are those whose true potential is looked for and brought out to shine! When asked for 10 quotes on this topic, here is what they shared.

  1. "Exalting and fostering personal growth is the most exalted endeavor of leadership." - Harvey S. Firestone

  2. "Discovering oneself thrives in the act of selflessly serving others." - Mahatma Gandhi

  3. "Talent is universal, but tapping into it mandates substantial courage. Dare to achieve excellence." - Paulo Coelho

  4. "The talents of your employees are the very fountains that nourish the river of your organization's prosperity. Their development embodies your growth." - Unknown

  5. "Within each individual lies an uncharted ocean of potential, a terra incognita awaiting liberation to serve great purposes." - Brian Tracy

  6. "Great leaders relinquish personal interests to uplift the collective good. The finest leaders nurture the potential of their staff, enabling them to blossom into leaders themselves." - John C. Maxwell

  7. "Leadership isn't about dominance. It's about empowering others to fathom their latent capabilities." - Unknown

  8. "Building a vessel doesn't involve merely summoning men to gather wood or assigning tasks. It's about instilling in them an ache for the boundless and infinite sea." - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

  9. "The most valuable resource for educators is their fellow educators. Without collaboration, growth remains restricted to individual viewpoints." - Robert John Meehan

  10. "Leadership's authentic gauge is its ability to embolden others to lead." - Unknown

Part of our success with our employee engagement software is the ability to do collective goal setting and have each team set goals collectively. This elevates work flow, and ensures that the most important things get done, and that importance is more powerful when the group decides on what is important rather than one boss.

When asked what are the best quotes for goal setting and helping others achieve their dream, here is what the staff shared:

  1. "Standing between your aspirations and their realization is the resolve to attempt and the conviction that attainment is attainable." - Joel Brown

  2. "Objectives serve as the compass to navigate the course of change to your advantage." - Brian Tracy

  3. "Age isn't a barrier to creating fresh goals or harboring novel dreams." - C.S. Lewis

  4. "Success transcends financial gains; it embodies making a meaningful impact." - Unknown

  5. "Let go of the satisfactory to pursue the exceptional." - John D. Rockefeller

  6. "Goal-setting initiates the process of converting the unseen into the visible." - Tony Robbins

  7. "The trajectory of tomorrow hinges on the actions you take today." - Mahatma Gandhi

  8. "Embrace your limited time to live life on your terms, not others'." - Steve Jobs

  9. "The limitations we face tomorrow stem from today's uncertainties." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

  10. "Success seems directly proportionate to the effort invested; a phenomenon often mistaken for luck." - Thomas Jefferson

When asked about the essence of leadership:

  1. "Leadership isn't about authority; it's about safeguarding those entrusted to you." - Simon Sinek

  2. "Leadership's essence lies in fostering more leaders, not just more followers." - Ralph Nader

  3. "A true leader doesn't seek consensus; they forge consensus." - Martin Luther King Jr.

  4. "Leadership's core isn't personal excellence; it's magnifying the capabilities of all." - Kerry Spackman

  5. "Leadership entails providing a platform for fruitful ideas to propagate." - Seth Godin

  6. "Prophesying the future is realized by actively shaping it." - Peter Drucker

  7. "Leadership transcends control, creating conditions for collective triumph." - Greg Graffin

  8. "Unveiling greatness in people who haven't glimpsed their own greatness is the hallmark of a leader." - Robin Sharma

  9. "Leadership's task isn't implanting greatness in humanity; it's arousing latent greatness, for it's already present." - John Buchan

If you are a senior manager at a medium to large company, and do not have a customer/employee feedback community you are missing out. By democratizing feedback and insight your company becomes like an open source software. If you would like to find out how IC Customer Experience Platform can help you please feel free to contact us.

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