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Customer Experience Heroes: Featuring Nordstrom Department Store.

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Today our episode of Customer Experience Hero’s is about Nordstrom’s. Now we all know what it’s like to order something expensive online. You wait nervously hoping that you are home when it is delivered, incase someone steals your package if it’s left by the door.

Here is a story about one woman ordered a pair of $200 suede high heels. She received a notification that the delivery company had dropped it off. When she got home, she was devastated to find the box soaked and her new high heels completely soaked, and ruined. The delivery person failed to put the package under the roof of the house and shortly after dropping off the package it poured rain.

Devastated, the woman called the customer service rep wondering what could be done. What happened next shocked her, the representative responded by saying “I’m sorry that this happened. I will bring a replacement pair - will you be home in 45 minutes?” She then personally drove a pair of replacement high heels to the woman's house. Needless to say, the woman will be buying her next 5 pair of shoes at Nordstroms.

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