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Doubling Down on Customer Experience

In 2014, Qantas experienced its first multi billion-dollar loss due to an increase in low-budget competitors. With such a significant loss, many companies begin to cut budgets and lay off staff, creating a death spiral for the customer experience.

We have all experienced calling your bank or some other important institution only to be rerouted to a call center where we can barely understand the person answering the phone. These cost savings do not inspire good will among customers and make you question any loyalty towards the brand.

Rather than slashing positions and reducing customer experience, Qantas made a pivotal decision to double down on their investment for their customers. They did so by streamlining operations, investing in new technology, and offering customer perks. Qantas began offering free Wi-Fi on flights - a rarity in the airline industry - and unveiled a faster and more streamlined baggage check-in process. From booking a flight to checking a bag, every aspect of a customer's journey with Qantas underwent significant improvements.

The customers responded with increased sales and by voting Qantas the most trusted large company in Australia and the best business airline for domestic travel.

If you would like to find out more about how an experience management software could help your business, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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