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How A Small Local Indian Deodorant Company Took on Axe Deodorant

Updated: 4 days ago

Ever hear how a small local Inidan deodorant company took on the giant Axe deodorant? The owner of Fogg did so by astutely analyzing its potential rural customer base in India. Recognizing that men in rural areas often sprayed deodorant on their clothes, rendering Fogg's roll-on ineffective, the brand conducted market research revealing the frugal nature of rural consumers. Fogg responded by developing a non-aerosol spray, with the knowledge that the end consumer would get more bang for their buck. They demonstrated this through commercials showing  how much more spray you got with Fogg compared to Axe's spray which was lost through the aerosol component. This innovative approach resonated well, leading to a significant shift in market shares from Axe to Fogg in rural India.

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