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How Insomnia Reached 200 Million in Sales Through A Good Idea, Feedback and Community

Back in college, Seth Berkowitz had a craving for something sweet in the dead of night. But he wasn't satisfied with the usual options. So, he started baking cookies in his college kitchen and delivering them around campus until the wee hours. It wasn't just about making money; Seth wanted to satisfy a need. And boy, did he hit the spot! Word spread fast across the college campus, with students raving about Seth’s cookies. With each delivery, Seth collected feedback, refining his recipes based on what his customers loved. That personal touch and community support fueled his drive to expand. When Insomnia Cookies hit the scene, it wasn't just about cookies; it was about bringing people together over a shared love for late-night indulgence. And now, as Seth reflects on the journey, he's grateful for the community that helped turn his late-night craving into a nationwide sensation that was acquired by Krispe Kreme Dougnuts. 

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