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How This Millennial Leveraged Dad's Advice and Experience to Build a Highly Profitable Company

Nadia Liu Spellman's journey with Dumpling Daughter isn't just about serving up delicious dumplings; it's about honoring family legacy and building a thriving business rooted in community and market research. Growing up in the bustling environment of her parents' renowned restaurant, Sally Ling's, in Boston, Nadia absorbed invaluable lessons in authentic Chinese cuisine and hospitality. Drawing inspiration from her upbringing, she founded Dumpling Daughter in 2014, crafting delectable dumplings based on cherished family recipes. Through meticulous market research and a keen understanding of customer preferences, Nadia transformed her passion into a multimillion-dollar enterprise, generating $4.5 million in revenue within a year. From the bustling restaurants to the frozen dumplings delivered to homes, Dumpling Daughter continues to embody Nadia's dedication to sharing her culinary heritage with the world, one delicious dumpling at a time.

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