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Nike is Focusing on Customer and Employee Experiences and You Will Soon!

In 2002 blogs were new and exciting. My friend in the skateboard community started a blog called You Will Soon! It looked at trends in skateboarding and culture. Before reading the blog I asked him what it was about and he said that the last ten years he was always kind of head of the curve, and people would mock him for new fashion styles or trends he was into, only a year later for those same people to join. He started saying under his breath when people would mock him, "You Will Soon!" It is with that slogan, I have continually felt that when telling people about Customer Experience Platform that people never really understood, until they got one for their company and the aha moment would kick in after the third month of using it and seeing it's power. So when reading an article the other day about Nike focusing in on customer and employee experiences that I can see the big brads are coming around and You Will Soon!

Connecting with customers and employees is essential for companies to thrive, and Nike is taking this approach to the next level by overhauling its tech operations. The company has partnered with Cognizant, a tech modernization solutions provider, to consolidate IT support functions and elevate operations in three critical areas: multilingual IT customer service, deskside and dispatch depot, and application and infrastructure support.

By doing so, Nike aims to increase access to technical support and improve productivity while maintaining cost efficiency. The company can now tap into self-service options, onsite and remote assistance for employee hardware breakdowns, engineering and backend help across all applications, including its website, mobile apps, and computer software.

With the adoption of advanced IT capabilities, Nike can support global growth and offer seamless tech experiences for both its customers and employees. As Sushant Warikoo, Head of the Retail Industry Business Unit at Cognizant, said, "Nike’s strategy toward hyper-automation, artificial intelligence, and process re-engineering will equip the brand with the advanced IT capabilities it needs to support global growth and seamless tech experiences."

Henkel, another major CPG company, has also invested in IT support by implementing a new workforce solution to streamline internal IT support services for its global network of remote employees. The platform allows Henkel to connect to every laptop, smartphone, tablet, or other device, regardless of the model or operating system.

Investment in IT is growing at an explosive pace, particularly in the CPG industry, with worldwide IT spending expected to grow 5.5% this year to $4.6 trillion, according to a recent Gartner report. However, the critical shortage of skilled IT labor is prompting more companies to seek out third-party outlets for help.

As John-David Lovelock, Gartner distinguished VP analyst, said, "Tech layoffs do not mean that the IT talent shortage is over. IT spending on internal services is slowing in all industries, and enterprises are not [keeping] up with wage rate increases. As a result, enterprises will spend more money to retain fewer staff and will turn to IT services firms to fill in the gaps."

It is crucial for companies to connect with their customers and employees' experiences and engage with both parties to enhance their operations and maintain a competitive edge. By investing in IT support and advanced IT capabilities, companies like Nike and Henkel can elevate their operations, support global growth, and offer seamless tech experiences to their customers and employees and through this connection truly harness the power of experiences and customer and employee feedback.

If Nike with all of its resources needs employee and customer feedback, how much more do the rest of us? If you would like to get in touch with us and find out how our software can help your business please contact us!

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