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Who Owns CX in a Company?

Customer Experience software is relatively a new phenomenon. While most companies say they are "Customer Centric" many do not have a software nor do they have staff members dedicated to customer experience. This is changing, as companies are seeing profits increase among companies who have software and staff dedicated to tracking CX. Many have asked me, "Who Owns CX in a Company?" In this article we will seek to describe who typically is responsible for this new structure of business.

CX software within a company, often depends on the organization's size, structure, and priorities. In many cases, the responsibility for CX software falls under the purview of the following roles or departments:

  1. Chief Customer Officer (CCO): Some organizations have a CCO who is responsible for overseeing the entire customer experience strategy, including the selection and implementation of CX software.

  2. Customer Experience Manager/Director: A dedicated CX manager or director may be responsible for managing and optimizing the use of CX software and related initiatives.

  3. Marketing Department: In some companies, especially smaller ones, the marketing department may take the lead in managing CX software since it often involves customer engagement, personalization, and feedback collection.

  4. Customer Support/Service Department: In cases where customer interactions are primarily post-sale, the customer support or service department may have a significant role in utilizing CX software to improve the support experience.

  5. IT Department: The IT department may be responsible for the technical implementation and maintenance of CX software, ensuring that it integrates seamlessly with other systems and databases.

  6. Cross-Functional Teams: In larger organizations, a cross-functional team comprising members from marketing, customer service, sales, and IT may collaborate to manage CX software collectively.

Ultimately, the ownership and management of CX software should align with the organization's goals and structure. The most critical aspect is ensuring that there is clear accountability for driving and improving the overall customer experience using the software, regardless of which department or role takes the lead.

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